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No Words Can Describe (2014-9-13)

On Saturday a 14 year-old dog came to the ER comatose and with a temperature of 108 (after cooling efforts had already been started by the owner). Today she walked out the door wagging her tail. While I was not involved in the first 24 hours of her care, the satisfaction of seeing this dog […]

This Is For Me What It Is All About (2014-4-27)

New York – New Years Day (2014-4-27)

Well, a majority of America will be waking up after having perhaps too much to drink or staying up too late celebrating. I can’t think of a better way to ring in 2014 by a 4:00AM wakeup call….jet-setting to NYC!!! Happy New Year! — feeling excited

How I Feel About My Work (2014-4-27)

Coming to work at 7:00AM on a Saturday may seem terrible to most. But getting to cuddle up in a run with my inpatient that had a total hip replacement yesterday and have her muzzle and nudge my hand because she wants more pets is the best feeling. We are getting down to the wire […]

Texas A&M – Here I Come (2014-4-27)

At the SAVMA Symposium 4-2014

My Animal Partner – You Got To Be A Vet To Understand That Term (2014-4-27)

Thank you Drew – you are wonderful.

A Not So Random Share of The Chocolates I Love (2014-4-26)

Very Grateful (2014-4-26)

SAVMA January 15, 2012 (2014-4-26)

I Have A Plan In Place (2014-4-26)

<\ I’ve seen more animals caught/set on fire in the last year than parvo cases. Unbelievable! The American Red Cross has great information on pet fire safety and I encourage you to look at it and have a plan in place.