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WOW Caitlin – From Your Dad (2014-5-1)

May I have you attention for about 15 minutes. This is your gift to Caitlin, just for a few minutes of time to listen to this incredible story. It starts with her birth – don’t worry this is not a Steve Martin “I was born a poor black child ” movie stay with me on […]

This Is For Me What It Is All About (2014-4-27)

New York – New Years Day (2014-4-27)

Well, a majority of America will be waking up after having perhaps too much to drink or staying up too late celebrating. I can’t think of a better way to ring in 2014 by a 4:00AM wakeup call….jet-setting to NYC!!! Happy New Year! — feeling excited

How I Feel About My Work (2014-4-27)

Coming to work at 7:00AM on a Saturday may seem terrible to most. But getting to cuddle up in a run with my inpatient that had a total hip replacement yesterday and have her muzzle and nudge my hand because she wants more pets is the best feeling. We are getting down to the wire […]

Texas A&M – Here I Come (2014-4-27)

At the SAVMA Symposium 4-2014

About This Blog (2014-4-27)

Hi this is Caitlin’s Dad. She has been busy becoming a doctor. Fortunately she and her friends send me pics and they update social media sites and Facebook in particular. So I am the one posting the updates. As Caitlin continues with her work as an intern for small animal veterinary care, I will post […]

My Animal Partner – You Got To Be A Vet To Understand That Term (2014-4-27)

Thank you Drew – you are wonderful.

I Think It Was At a Columbus Chill Game When I First Heard the F bomb I was 7 (2014-4-27)

I love hockey and I was able to see my first playoff game this year. I think I heard the F bomb before a hockey game – one of my parents Too funny

3-14-14 Board of Trustees Recognition (2014-4-27)

The Ohio State University Board of Trustees recognized Caitlin Pohlit, a 4th year veterinary student, with a 2014 Student RecognitionCaitlin Pohlit Award. “My time spent here thus far has been full of triumph, heartbreak, angst, and happiness,” said Caitlin during the presentation. “But it is undoubtedly the educational and life-learning experiences I have had here […]

Very Happy With My 10k Finish (2014-4-27)