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6 12 12 dad columbus 300x229 WOW Caitlin   From Your Dad May I have you attention for about 15 minutes. This is your gift to Caitlin, just for a few minutes of time to listen to this incredible story.

It starts with her birth – don’t worry this is not a Steve Martin “I was born a poor black child ” movie stay with me on this. I was at the office of Arthur Andersen & Co at the time and Jan (Caitlin’s mom) called and said it is time. From that moment on which was in the afternoon until Caitlin arrived it was let’s say exciting. There was the delivery process with Jan calling me every name imaginable. That tradition as actually continued to a large part for most of my life up until about 2005. Back to the birth.

At that precious moment Caitlin didn’t just arrived She shot out No kidding. I looked at Dr Stemple and said don’t drop it. (didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl.) Then the doc looked at me pissed off and said “I haven’t dropped one yet”

Very quickly I heard the crying and I learned it was a girl and my heart was singing because she was the most incredible gift. Unlike many males I was praying for a daughter. Quickly Caitlin was wrapped in a blanket and the doctor looked at me and said “here you hold her I am taking care of her mom” and for the next number of minutes I forever bonded with my daughter. She just kept looking at me and with the look of I was really happy inside a few minutes ago and now look what I got. Too funny but that is exactly what I remember. I said to her in my own way you will be wonderful now the rest of your life.

Fast forward I think she was less than one and I was responsible at the moment for watching her. I don’t remember what I was doing but in an instant I remember the sound of this rumble down the step and you never seen anyone get down a flight of steps as fast I me but there she was at the bottom of the steps and I was right there about 20 steps late and this little lady gave me the biggest f- u look ever while crying and I knew in an instant she was here for a purpose.

She was fine she was just pissed and in my experience with the female gender that was first of many lessons that I will summarize as ” yes of course it is my fault”

I have many stories like that but it was always the same. Caitlin and I have this special bond from the time she was born. That bond held during one of the most challenging and difficult 6 months of our lives. Since then it has become even more strong.

Throughout all of this there is really not much I did as a dad in comparison to the strength and foundation provided by her mom. You know with children they see the mom and dad relationship and think they are getting smart by playing one against the other. I knew Caitlin would try to play me in support of her. That was not the point. I wanted her to understand how to honor both of her parents who love her more than words can express. When she would be incensed about something going on with her mom, I would simple say – remember nobody loves you more than your mom. I know there is nothing more powerful than the love of a mom.

8 12 14 Dad I — with Steve Pohlit at Clearwater Beach Florida. 300x224 WOW Caitlin   From Your Dad So after all the fabulous times and dramatic time, there came a period when Caitlin became clear as to what she wanted to do and I want to close with two experiences that may help you understand how important all that she has done and where she is at today means to me.


Caitlin had graduated from OSU and was applying to OSU Veterinary Medicine School. I was paying serious attention but mostly following the process. First application rejected. Caitlin has it all figured out she took all the points and the reason she was not accepted. She said I will address them and she did. I was very close to her during the second application and interview. She was rejected.

Now I was challenged on how to advise her. She said she would apply again. So again she had the guidance on what she should do and she did it . I remember the discussion I don’t remember the time frame except that it was before her third application submission. I asked her what if this process is telling you this is not what you are supposed to do in life.

Caitlin said “dad I don’t care how many times it takes I will be a veterinarian”. And I said then I will do all I know to help you throughout that process

With all the drama that you experience with a child and most of that direct drama was experienced by her mom, for me the most dramatic drama stated with her third application to Vet School and the information she would hear in February 2010 .

This is important Throughout our life we communicate a lot as she got busy I became used to less frequent calls and so on January 12 2010 we had a great chat just normal hey what is going on and stuff.

I don’t remember what we discussed. Remember we were not expecting any news on her application to Vet School until February. The very next night I was in my kitchen making some food I think the time was about 7 PM and the phone rings and I see it is Caitlin My heart starts racing since we had just talked the night before and this was not normal.

So when I answered all I knew was that she was really crying and having trouble talking. I did not know what she was going to tell me so I immediately planted my feet and took a deep breath and asked God to strengthen me for whatever news I was about to receive. I asked Caitlin what is it and she said “Dad they accepted me” and I cried with her.

There are just two other items I want to share with you.

1. When she was coming into OSU stadium as an undergraduate I knew – not doubted I would be back to watch her walk up for another diploma as a doctor. May 4, 2014 is that day.

2. One of her Facebook posts talked about going into the hospital at 7 am on a Saturday and she said she couldn’t wait because she loves what she does. Another says “I Love My Life” I think this is the most wonderful statement anyone can make ” I love my life” I don’t know how she got it but let’s bottle that formula and sell it . That is what it is all about.

Ladies and Gentleman I say to you this is not about Caitlin Pohlit being a doctor today It is about a person who has and will continue to make a huge difference in the world. This is about a person who understands how to make a difference and honey when in doubt look at your own site and know you are here not because of me and your mom. You are here to make a huge difference in the lives of people who care for animals and those about to.

What I most love about you is your natural focus outside of yourself. You understand this life is about how you help others expand. Many you connect with cannot speak a language that the rest of us understand but you do understand. You can hold an injured puppy or work with an exotic bird or a child’s pet rabbit and know what to do. You communicate with your heart with animals and humans. Your heart is a fantastic and you are doing exactly what you were meant to be doing at this time and place when on March 21st you flew into Dr Stemples hands and said you know what I was having a good time where I was at but now that I am here I will do my part in making a wonderful difference in the world.

Caitlin I will be with you always to support all that are and are growing to be.

Congratulations Honey

Your Very proud Dad

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